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Instructions for moving out

Electronic lease termination form

You can now terminate your lease easily online. Sign into the service by using your Mobile ID or online banking credentials. Choose the lease that you wish to terminate and provide all the required information on the electronic form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the receipt of your notice, and the termination/end of the lease will be confirmed to you within a few weekdays. If the lease involves more contractual parties, all contractual parties must submit a notice of termination. If necessary, contact the Kalajoen Vuokra-asunnot office. Click below to open the electronic notice of termination.

Electronic notice of termination

Move-out instructions

  1. Contact a representative of the property management company in advance and schedule a move-out inspection for a date when the apartment will be empty and cleaned. If you cannot be present during the inspection, also inform the representative of this and agree on the handover of the keys.
    Move-out inspections can be scheduled Mon–Fri 8:00 am–3:00 pm at +358 (0)50 3495142.

  2. If any exceptional wear is noticed in the apartment, the repair fee will be taken out of the security deposit, and you will be invoiced separately for any amount exceeding the security deposit. If you want to repair the damage caused to the apartment yourself, negotiate the repairs with the building manager.

  3. Leave the apartment in a tidy condition.

  4. If you have, for example, mounted a jigsaw mirror on the wall or placed Venetian blinds on the windows and want to take them with you, remember that you must fix the marks left by the mirror or blinds.

  5. If the apartment has a peephole or security lock, they must be left in place.

  6. If the apartment was already equipped with apartment-specific equipment, leave it in the apartment (such as a TV antenna cable, shower curtain, smoke detector, medicine cabinet, curtain hangers and window handle). Also leave behind any documents belonging to the apartment (such as user instructions for the household appliances).

  7. If you have installed a dishwasher in place of a cabinet, put the cabinet back in place when you leave. When detaching a dishwasher, note that the drain hose connection must be plugged to prevent water from the sink dripping into the cabinet below. The water inlet must also be plugged.

  8. The non-return valve at the end of the pipe connected to the washing machine must be left in place.

  9. Also return all keys related to the apartment, including the key to the block heater outlet, to the maintenance company/property manager. Do not leave the keys in the apartment or hand them over to the new tenant. If the keys are not returned as agreed upon, or keys have been lost, the exiting tenant will be invoiced for the rekeying of the lock and the manufacturing of new keys.

  10. If your apartment is not freed up as agreed upon, you may be charged for the resulting costs, such as the new tenant’s hotel costs.

  11. Also make sure that any ‘junk’ related to your move is taken away. You are not allowed to leave it in the building’s waste container shelter. The costs arising from taking ‘junk’ left in the waste container shelter away will be deducted from your security deposit.

  12. Notify your electricity supplier of your move in order for your electricity meter to be read. If you receive housing benefits/supplements, also notify the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) about your move.

  13. Submit a notification of move to the Local Register Office and a notification of change of address via Posti’s online service at

  14. Your security deposit will be returned to your bank account roughly a month after the end of your lease liability. Any rental debt, cleaning costs, rekeying of locks/new keys, renovation costs and equipment missing from the apartment will be deducted from the security deposit.

Moving out before the end of the lease liability

You are liable to pay rent and utility costs until the end of the period of notice. Your liability to pay rent can only end earlier if a new tenant moves into your apartment before the end of your lease liability.

If you want to keep the keys until the end of your lease liability and this contradicts what you have agreed upon in the notice of termination, you must absolutely agree upon this with the building manager and check when a new tenant will be moving into your apartment.

Death of a tenant

If the main tenant of the apartment dies, the relatives of the deceased must terminate the lease. According to the Act on Residential Leases, the estate of the deceased is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease.

If the deceased has rental debt and/or outstanding repair costs, they must be taken into account in the estate inventory. The building manager must be provided with a copy of the estate inventory. For more information, contact the building manager at +358 (0)44 4691 325.