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Housing application

Fill in the electronic housing application. Our website only shows a portion of the available apartments, so you should fill in the housing application even if you do not find an apartment that is to your liking on our website. You can describe what you are looking for in the further information field of the application. If no apartments are available in the areas you have applied for, we may also offer you an apartment in a nearby area or apartments that meet similar search criteria.

You can find information on our properties here.

If you have problems using the apartment search or filling in the application form, please contact our office.

Apply for an apartment

  1. Go to our apartment search page. You can change the application language to English from right bottom corner.
  2. Choose a city district, apartment size, maximum rent and other criteria according to your preferences and you`ll get a list of the apartments that meet your criteria.
  3. You can click ‘more information’ on the houses of your interest and and if you want to apply for one of the apartment(s), add that apartment to favorites (tick heart and click from the top right corner ‘add to favorites’). You can add as many apartments as you like.
  4. When you have found the apartments that you want to apply to, click ‘show favorites’ and leave application on the next page.
  5. Fill in at least the sections of the application form that are marked with a red asterisk (*). Also enter the start date of your need for an apartment.
  6. Remember to add attachments to your application according to your life situation:– working person: payroll statement/payslip
    – person moving into town: employment agreement or other certificate of the start of employment and wages
    – pensioner: certificate of the gross pension amount
    – unemployed person: certificate of per diems paid
    – sole proprietor: most recent income statement and balance sheet or a statement of income
    – student: student certificate or an educational institution’s admission letter and decision on financial aid for students
    – if you are pregnant: certificate of pregnancy
  7. Your application will be valid for three months. We will process the applications in order of urgency. We always check the applicants’ credit information. Notes on credit information can affect the terms of the lease and the size of the security deposit, among other things. If you no longer need a rental apartment and your application can be deleted, please inform our office.

Housing Offer

Housing offers are sent by e-mail or conveyed over the phone if no e-mail address has been provided. You should also be active yourself and contact the office so that we can discuss suitable options for your needs.

When you get a housing offer, you must reply to it as soon as possible. In case that you need more time to think, inform the office of it. If you fail to reply to an offer by the due date, the apartment may be offered to another applicant.

If the apartment offered does not meet your expectations, inform the office of this so that we can try and find you an apartment that meets your needs better.