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Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations of Kalajoen Vuokra-asunnot real estate company

These rules and regulations include rules that enhance the tenants’ comfort, health, domestic privacy and safety. They are the housing association’s common “rules of the game” that the tenants must adhere to. In addition to what is ruled by laws, regulations, articles of association, the municipality’s rules and regulations and a possible rental agreement, these rules and regulations have been approved for this housing association for the safety of the tenants.

All tenants must consider other tenants in all of their conduct, and no one must intentionally disturb the comfort of living of others. It is the duty of every tenant to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations, comply with them and make sure that their family and guests comply with them. The tenants must adhere to manners that ensure normal domestic privacy for everyone.

Common facilities

When passing through locked exterior doors, make sure that they lock behind you. Common facilities are to be used without causing extra noise, and unnecessary loitering in them is forbidden. For fire security reasons any belongings must only be stored in storage areas reserved for them, and not in the stairway. The common facilities are meant for the tenants’ use only and must be kept clean. Smoking is not allowed in any circumstances. Posting advertisements etc. or installing antennas is only allowed if authorised by the housing association.


Tenants must avoid disturbing their neighbours. At night, everyone must be allowed peace and quiet between 10 pm and 7 am. The apartments must be carefully taken care of. The housing association representative or property maintenance must be informed of water leakages and other defects without delay. Waste that may cause blockage or damage must not be dumped in the toilet or other drains.

Possible balconies must be kept clean and cleared of snow in the winter. Feeding birds is forbidden. Tenants must see to the proper ventilation of the apartments in order to avoid moisture damage. Apartments must not be ventilated through the stairways. The dishwasher or washing machine must not be left running unattended.

The incoming water supply must be turned off between uses. The housing association representative must be informed about moving in and out of the apartment in writing.

Outdoor areas

According to public authority regulations, household waste must be sorted and taken to waste bins reserved for them. The tenants must take care of the disposal of other than household waste. Damaging the lawn, plantations, play equipment and other accessories owned by the housing association is forbidden. Vehicles must be parked only on areas reserved for them. Possible emergency access roads must be kept open. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Cigarette butts must be collected to bins reserved for them.

Domestic animals

Domestic animals must be kept on a lead around the housing association’s property and they must not disturb other tenants. Walking the animals on children’s playgrounds and their immediate vicinity is forbidden. Domestic animals must not be allowed to soil the association’s building or property.

The compliance with these rules and regulations is overseen by the housing association board, the property manager and maintenance staff. Their notices must be complied with. Breaking the rules may lead to liability for damages, apartment forfeiture or termination of the lease.

These rules and regulations have been approved in the housing association’s annual general meeting on May 26th, 2014.