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Tenancy rules and regulations

Rules and regulations of Kalajoen Vuokra-asunnot real estate company

The provisions laid out in the Act on Residential Leases and Public Order Act must be followed on the property premises and in the building. A violation of these rules and regulations may lead to lease termination. By signing the tenancy agreement, the tenant agrees to follow the company’s rules of conduct and ensure that their guests and family members follow them as well. The tenant is obliged to report any cases of vandalism or violations of the rules of conduct to the property manager in writing

In an emergency, call the emergency response centre on 112.


Apartments and shared facilities

  • The tenant must avoid disturbing their neighbours in the building and on the premises. The property’s quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • The tenant must take good care of their apartment. The tenant must notify the company or maintenance company of any leaks and other problems without delay. You can reach the on-call property management services at +358 (0)400 563 164.
  • If there is a need for other maintenance, fill in the electronic fault report form at
  • Smoking in apartments, on balconies and in shared facilities is prohibited. The tenant is liable for damage caused by cigarette smoke and pets.
  • It is prohibited to throw waste that may cause blockages or damage down the toilet or drains.
  • Windows must be kept closed when the apartment is empty.
  • For fire safety reasons, all belongings must be stored in their proper places. Fire safety rules must be followed in the storage of inflammable substances.


Courtyard area

  • When the entrance doors are locked, the tenant must ensure that the doors stay locked when they enter or exit the building.
  • Cigarette stubs must be disposed of appropriately.
  • The shared facilities must be kept clean and in good order. Only the tenants are allowed to use the shared facilities.
  • The company’s permission is required for fixing signs and advertisements, installing antennas or other appliances and other similar alteration work outside the apartment.
  • It is prohibited to damage or remove the plants, lawn, traffic signs or playground equipment.
  • Parking (including trailers and camper vans) is allowed in the designated parking spaces with the company’s permission.
  • All traffic, with the exception of service traffic, is prohibited in the courtyard area.
  • To avoid electric shocks, it is prohibited to keep a car’s heating cables connected to a car heating pole when the heating is not on. Make sure to lock the heating pole socket hatches.
  • Parking on the emergency access roads and in front of the building is strictly prohibited. This also applies to visitor parking. The visitor parking spaces are only intended for temporary use.
  • It is strictly prohibited to drive up to and park near the lawns, walkways or waste collection points. All private roads are emergency access roads.
  • Car-washing is prohibited in the courtyard and parking area.
  • Bicycles must be kept in the bicycle rack or storage space.



  • Pets must never be allowed to roam freely outside the apartments. The tenant must ensure that their pets do not disturb the other tenants or people visiting the building.
  • The tenant must also make sure that their pets do not make the building or courtyard dirty.
  • It is prohibited to take pets out in and near the property’s playground.
  • Please walk your pets outside the property’s courtyard. Any excrement in the courtyard area must be picked up and disposed of.
  • The tenant must ensure that their pets do not make too much noise.
  • These rules also apply to visitors’ pets.


Waste management

  • Household waste must be sorted and packed in accordance with official regulations and disposed of in the correct waste containers at the waste collection point.
  • The tenant is responsible for the collection/removal of waste other than household waste.


Non-standard waste segments (metal, glass, cardboard, wastepaper), collected at Eco-points:

Bulky waste and hazardous waste: Kalajoki: Meinala sorting station Honkirämeentie 2

More information, opening hours and sorting station instructions:


Rules of conduct

  • The same rules of conduct apply to all apartments of Koy Kalajoen Vuokra-asunnot.

By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree to follow the rules of conduct. If you violate the rules of conduct, you may become liable for any damage caused, lose the apartment or have your tenancy agreement terminated or cancelled.

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